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Winston T. Churchill, II has been a Florida Certified Circuit and County Court Mediator since August 8, 1997, and has been Certified as a Family Mediator since August 9, 2002. He has been certified in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court since May 19, 1998 and was also on the Florida Department of Financial Services list of approved property insurance claim mediators. Mr. Churchill has been practicing law for over 43 years, 36 of which have been in the Tampa Bay area. For the last 26 years, he has concentrated his practice in the area of Dispute Resolution/Mediation. 

Winston's legal experience gives him a unique insight into each individual participant's role in the mediation/litigation process. Winston has experience in the following area's of the law:
1. Family Law, Parenting Plans, Child Support, Equitable Distribution
2. Personal injury, wrongful death.
3. Products Liability.
4. Premises Liability.
5. First Party Insurance Disputes/Claims.